My Goal:
Simply put, quality, cost-affordable photography for professional and personal use.

It’s about Connection:
Whether you are in need of images for professional use or just an everyday person,
it is essential for the photographer and subject to connect.
It’s about an atmosphere of trust, that focuses on capturing what is unique to the subject.
And that requires a personal and easy going experience, not a painfully technical one.
Both in the studio and on location, an effective session creates an environment to just be yourself, not one requiring you to invent a ‘portrait’ version of you, but one that allows you to reveal the real you.
While there are many photographers with great equipment and studios, it really comes down to finding a person you can relax with and communicate your needs to.
This is how the great shots, the ones that strike you as real, are made.
So let’s start by talking, tell me what you’d like to accomplish, ask any question or detail to help you make your decision. I look forward to your call.
~Paul Crisanti


The Following Galleries are:
• Women
• Men
• Children
• Performers
• Personal Documentary

Women are truly chameleon in nature. There are so many looks, so many moods to capture, one image can hardly do them justice.

Men of all ages and types require the right angle and perspective to represent them as the are; natural, unforced and real. Every man is unique and has that something. It is the task of the subject and photographer to reveal it.

They do cute without even trying but have to feel at ease to allow the perfection of their youth to show through. Always searching, exploring, kinetic but with moments of stillness that can be timeless, this is a day in the life of a young one.
Posed shots certainly, but candid ones which show them in the act of growing and discovering are the true reflections of their nature.

Sadly more often than not, great performances are not properly documented. Even worse many artists of talent are not heard or seen because they lack images of themselves in a role or pose to show they have what it takes-“The Look”.
It is wise to have multiple images to show look-versatility. That’s Show Business.

PERSONAL DOCUMENTARY: (Under Construction)


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